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In which our emergency medicine tutor described this procedure as “the pinnacle of emergency medicine” and proceeded to spend a good portion of time lamenting that in his ten years of ER medicine he still has not done this procedure yet.

I thought he was off his rocker until I went home and watched this. I still think he’s crazy now, but this is just the sort of procedure a crazy emergency medicine doctor would love to perform once, I guess.

Anyways, educational video! Really cool, if you’re into that stuff. Otherwise, I guess it’s just sort of gory.

Was going to post this video yesterday, so here you go :) - if you are squeamish probably give this one a miss…


Nucleus by Jonathan Shackleton.

‘Nucleus is an educational magazine designed for school students, encouraging them to become more engaged and interested in science.’

With the complexities of many scientific concepts, the design of effective and distilled educational resources is required. Nucleus does this.

Project Nucleus by Jonathan Shackleton on Behance

Hooray for science! Hooray for Nucleus magazine! \^_^/

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